Handcrafted Herbal Drinks

For the moments you put yourself first

Using real herbs since 1987

In the 1980s, we started out believing in an opportunity for a new drink that brought nature into the beverage choices available.

We include real herbs which have been used in various culture’s medicine for centuries and handcraft the herbal extracts at the heart of our drinks ourselves right here in Riverhead, New Zealand.

The herbal masterpieces we use in our Original Blend...

Rhubarb Root

Best known for the contemporary use of its tart and tangy stalks as a dessert ingredients. The use of the incredibly bitter roots in medicines to aid digestion traces all the way back to 270BC. 


Also known as Indian Penny wort, and is part of the parsley family. Gotu Kola is a mild adaptogen credited with a variety of important health effects across the ages. 

Ginseng Root

Ginseng has been used in Asian countries for centuries based on the belief that it is beneficial for energy and overall wellbeing. 


Also known as ‘tuber fleeceflower’, the popular Chinese herb dates back to the 8th century. Modern researchers are suggesting it may have neuroprotective properties and antioxidant effects when used in managed therapeutic doses.


A succulent plant species growing in tropical climates, used for a variety of healing purposes around the world. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and antimicrobials.

CH'I Time is Me Time





When was the last time you put yourself first?

So what does the word "Ch'i" mean?

CHI Drinks | CHI meaning

Life Force Vitality Radiance Nature's Energy

We adopted the name “CH’I” to reflect the original Herb Blend’s purpose under traditional medicine – a blend believed to encourage the free flow of “CH’I” – the essential breath of life.

The idea of an essential and unseen energy that supports healthy life is found in traditional health beliefs across many cultures. It’s an idea we think is essential in today’s life and is a metaphor for the rejuvenation that comes from moments when you put yourself first

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Important facts

CH’I Herbal Sugar Free may be very useful if managing Diabetes as it is completely free from sugars and has only the most minute traces of carbohydrates.

The Vitamin C, which we include to help protect the colour and flavours from oxidation, is metabolized by our bodies and yields a minuscule 10kJ (2 kCal) of energy for every 200ml portion drunk.

Please always consult your Health Professional about changes in your diet to manage your Diabetes.

There are no reasons we are aware of to restrict your enjoyment of CH’I while pregnant.

The herbs in the extracts we make are not in the drink at therapeutic doses. If however you have any questions or concerns you should please always consult with your Health Practitioner.

While the name Ch’i originates in China, Ch’i drinks have been developed and made in New Zealand. The herbal ingredients are handmade at the CH’I Drinks Workshop in Auckland.

Stevia is a natural plant based sweetener with no sugars, carbohydrates or calories. It’s one of the few non calorific sugar alternatives that is not synthetic. Our taste buds perceive it to be over 200 times sweeter than sugar.

It has been rigorously assessed by the FDA in the USA, and the Australia and New Zealand Food Safety Authority, and was approved as a safe food ingredient by these Authorities in 2008.

Like virtually everything in our food supply, including water, it is probably capable of causing harm if consumed in extreme excess, but the most recent information suggested you would need to regularly consume several hundred bottles of CH’I Herbal Sugar Free a day to be approaching an unsafe level!

We do not make any health claims about CH’I. The herbs are not intended to be therapeutic and are not at levels that approach therapeutic doses.

For any concerns about your own health we recommend you consult your health professional.

There is nothing in CH’I that contradicts vegan or vegetarian principles.

We do try to minimise the use of sugar while protecting enjoyment. We can confidently say the Sugar Free Herbal blend is 100% free from sugars but does yield a tiny number of calories from your body metabolising the vitamin C we add to protect colour and flavour.

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