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CHI Drinks | Original Herb Blend 250ml Can

Original Herb Blend

Using real herbal ingredients: Gotu Kola, Aloe, Fo-ti, Rhubarb root & Ginseng root

A complex mix of the earthy herbs lifted by the delicate flavours of kiwifruit and honey. Not too sweet and made even better with a slice of lemon.

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Mixing Ideas

Kiwifruit & Honey Vodka Cocktail

You will need:

CHI Drinks | Original Herbal Vodka Cocktail
CHI Drinks | Sugar Free Original Herb Blend 1.125L

Original Herb Sugar Free

Using real  herbal ingredients: Gotu Kola, Aloe, Fo-ti, Rhubarb root & Ginseng root

Enjoy the natural stevia sweetened version of our Original herb blend – it’s  the natural way to be sugar free and get back in control of calories and unnecessary carbohydrates. Zero sugar with all the tastes and herbal goodness of our Original Herb Blend. The taste is a complex mix of the earthy bitter notes of the herb blend balance with the warm flavours of honey and kiwifruit. The sweetness from Stevia is bright and clean. Stevia is an incredible plant which gives a bright sweetness but does not have the same flavours and full mouthfeel of sugar.

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CHI Drinks | Spiced Ginger 250ml Can

Spiced Ginger

Using real  herbal ingredients: Ginger & Cardamom

Starting with whole ginger root and cardamom pods, we’ve crafted the herbal extract at the heart of Ginger Spiced. From the very first idea for this drink we wanted to make a ginger that was fresh bright and earthy. It’s not just about the flavour – ginger and cardamom combine in their digestive support. Warming but not excessively spicy. The ginger flavours are bright and fresh, complimented by the earthy cardamom.

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Mixing Ideas

Pineapple & Ginger Mocktail

You will need:

CHI Drinks | pineapple ginger mocktail
CH'I Herbal Drinks | Goji Herb Blend

Introducing: Goji Herb Blend

Our newest flavour has just landed! 

Light and refreshing, Goji Herb Blend will offer an experience that is well rounded, not too sweet, and with a light tang to finish…