Community Support Requests

We are in awe of the big hearted people who make things happen to strengthen the love and support within their local communities.

We want to be part of your local community project and would love to hear about what you are planning so we can figure out if we can help.

Our help usually takes the form of donations of CH’I Herbal Drinks to include in Goody Bags, Raffles, or refresh guests and the workers.

CHI Drinks | International Day
International Peace Youth Group

We don’t accept every request. We do want to understand how you are making a difference locally, how well organised you are, and what the outcomes of a successful event will be. Sorry, our donation support is currently only within New Zealand.

We do not donate money.

We do not donate to support sports people.

We do not donate to support large organisations

We do not donate to businesses running activities as a marketing activity. If you are in a business proposing a joint collaborative project we would love to hear any good ideas. Contact us directly. CONTACT DETAILS.

It’s the people working hard in their local Community we want to hear from. Please fill out the form and help us understand how we can assist. Eg Details on what you are planning, when, how a CH’I donation would be used. Please apply with at least 4 weeks notice before your event so we have time to read your message, answer, and organise delivery.

CH'I Herbal Drinks | Goji Herb Blend

Introducing: Goji Herb Blend

Our newest flavour has just landed! 

Light and refreshing, Goji Herb Blend will offer an experience that is well rounded, not too sweet, and with a light tang to finish…